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Holding Hands


Could you and your spouse benefit from couples counseling? Are you experiencing the following?

  • Lack of communication

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Being harsh with each other

  • Feeling like your marriage is “in a rut”

  • Lack of spontaneity

  • Lack of “special times together”

  • Feeling like you “lost your best friend”

  • Not knowing who your significant other is anymore

  • About to get married and want to begin the next chapter of your relationship in the best way possible


Do you wish you could feel close and connected to your partner again? Whether you have been with your partner for months, years, or decades, you may feel as though you are drifting apart. Maybe you used to talk about everything, but now you only seem to discuss the dishes. You might feel as though you take on the majority of household responsibilities while your partner takes your efforts for granted. Maybe little things frequently build up into big arguments, and you feel as though you are never really heard.

Working together, we can equip you and your spouse, partner, or significant other, with the tools necessary for better communication, enhanced intimacy and effective conflict resolution. You and your partner can learn to clarify your needs, communicate them, and listen to one another. Every couple and person is unique. In couples counseling, we will help you identify the specific places that feel unfilled in your relationship. Together, we can help you remember what first drew you to your partner and made you fall in love. Together we can help you develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.



Amidst the excitement and planning of future nuptials, the importance of preparing for your marriage can take a backseat. The absolute best thing you can do right now is give your partner, and marriage, the gift of a strong foundation towards success. Invest in the premarital process now, and reap the benefits of healthy communication, deeper understanding, and the tools to navigate through the ride of life with your partner for years to come.

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